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halloween part 1

October 31th halloween our town takes halloween really seriously i live on the scariest street, There was one particular house on the

very end of the street .It was old and grey no one lived there but every one in the town knew it was haunted  .I was walking at 12:00

at night there was a man stuck in some hay. Right in front of the haunted house I had to help as I walked up to the man I was

grabbed. And taken in to the house it was to dark to see anything my mouth was tapped , i’m dead.


The water was flat and smooth there was one thin sheet of ice and snow sitting on top. With a polar bear yelling for help standing still

on the cold ice around 20 minutes. Had past a giant ship came crashing in.

“Can you take me back to land”

asked the polar bear the man on the ship refused to take him back. Then sailed away never to be seen again

wait that’s not right after 20 minutes waiting in the cold the man came with a smaller boat to take him back he jumped onto the boat

and back to land.


” Hi my name is Macy i have been stuck in a ghost town for 5 year now”

“I have learnt a lot like not to get mad.  I may have pushed one or two cars into the lake or 50 anyway not the point ”

“I have been trying to get out, i’m starting running out of food the shop aren’t getting there stock.

“that what happens when there’s no stuff.”

“There is not was out it is block with really high walls P.S i still haven’t got the cars out yet”

“They say there are ghost around here you should go now .”


The night was black and the air was thin my sister and i had been running for hours our unknown killer only a

couple minutes behind there was know were to go to no family to turn to the blood was on our hands the higher we

got the harder i was to breath we fell to the floor i hour later we woke up hand cuffed to a poll our killer no were to

be seen i ran for my life we disappeared into the night running to town needing food and a bed but we had nothing

The chase

Out of breath I chased my shadow up the hill. I could see everything, I could hear the sirens the red and blue lights

flashing down the hill. I slowly turned around to see the bright big moon staring back at me. The sirens were getting

louder until they reached the top. I stood there silent staring at the moon 10 minutes later I came back to the earth

I was free. I begin running for my life trying to find one good place to hide. But there was no place to hide

and then I found it the place to hide.

valentine day

it was the 14th of february love was in the air ,i woke up with a knock on my window flowers all around my room

chocolates on my bed and teddy bears on my floor. I had no idea how they got in my room suddenly my mum

walked into my room.” Happy valentine day looks like you have some special someone’s” i had no idea who they


from. But they weren’t just from one person one  guys that was knocking on my window had flowers. As it

flew towards us i couldn’t see what it was then it hit my window it was flowers it made me feel special. 

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santa’s little helpers

ring ring what was that do i answer the door  was it the door so many questions who would be at our door at this

time anyway i thought as i sat there and though about it we don’t have a door bell and it sounded like slay bells it

was a elf and santa’s elves i didn’t realize they could fly i new the reindeers could and that they helps get santa


the houses but the elfs to that’s is a whole new level am i the only one that knows about it maybe i am lucky


my claymation

claymation is a group of lots of photos that make it look like someone or something is moving mine was about a group of fish swimming i learnt that sometimes it takes lots of photos and do not go for every long

how do i save them ?

it was my first night in our new in a new town it was a strange town there was always missing kids i don’t know why

my dad wanted to move to this town my mum and little sister are the only one s that think it is creepy i went to bed

but i couldn’t sleep to many thoughts running around my head elephant purple happy painted violin then i saw it

the monster that was killing the kids i needed to tell my mum but by the time it did it was to late she was like dad

acted like nothing was there.

give me vegemite please

no,” she said,” i like vegemite”. so give it back i or else i will tell the teacher izzy and jess just laughed and keeped on tounging my recess which was vegemite they smashed it on the ground and ran as the glase flyed very izzy and jess were my friends and then it ended they got to go home because there mum ans dad are rich and pay te school to let them leave it is so unfair i wish i was rich like them then i could have all the vegemite i could ever want that would be the life i want vegemite please