I needed blood . The three man found me, I started to turn I ran faster then a car to a  crowed people. The only thing i could think

about was seeking my sharp teeth into there warm neck .But  I couldn’t this wasnt who i was i was one of them i was human now i’m

not, then the crowed erupted with laughter as my ears started ringing my head started aching i started shaking. Then I feel to the

ground I woke up in a , unknown place i was locked in a box can you guess what i am?

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  1. Hi Macy
    I read this a few times and wasn’t sure what it was about but then I spotted that it was part 2! So I went back and read part 1 of your story and everything then began to make sense as I read about your sister in part 1. This is a scary 100word challenge and you have managed to convey the confusion and fear that your main character feels. You also describe well how the character is torn between believing that it’s one of them and realising that now it’s not. I think I know what is locked in the box. Is it a Vampire? Well done. I really like the idea of linking two 100word challenge prompts.
    Máire O’Keeffe (team 100wc)
    Galway, Ireland

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