“She sleeps so peacefully.”

My parents said right before they ran out the door into the DARKNESS. They left me and my

sisters behind I didn’t know why but that’s when I knew I should run. I leaped out of bed and ran after them, it

was to dark to see anything. But there was no going back now, BOOM I fell into a big hole. I SCREAMED out to my

parents in  HORROR then, I heard my mothers impeccable voice. I needed them to come save me. I couldn’t hear

dads voice ,then I heard mum scream as if she was being ATTACKED . But by who?…

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  1. Nice work macy, the mood is really quite scary in your story.

    To make it flow better, after you mention the mum’s impeccable voice, maybe make her say something that becomes a contrast to her normally impeccable voice… e.g. I heard a screech coming from my mum’s normally impeccable voice or something like that.

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