Month: June 2020


Driving along an icy road hoping to find my dog. There was nothing but snow around me I lost hope I was as scared as a mouse

getting chased by a cat. Suddenly my car started going in circles on the snow stunned I jumped out the car. Can I get out of here

alive? carefully I walked to the back of the car trying to pushed it. Out of nowhere a tall white bear came to the front of the car about

4 meters away from me. Quickly the bear ran to me and though me to the ground I got up and around 3 minutes later I fell to

ground again, I tried to run but I couldn’t walk some how I got away from the bear “hello is there someone there ” i yelled in to thin air


” Help please ” I said as I fell down a never ending twisty hole, it was like a show ride but scary. Then I hit the ground with a loud

thump. I got up and tried to find a way out but there was nothing. Then an elephant and a rabbit came out of nowhere ” great

someone to listen to my speech make me win please. ” The elephant said.” 3  2  1″ said the rabbit then the elephant delivered his

speech” I should 100% be the leader of the hole.” Said the elephant that was all I heard. The more he said the less I heard then he

charged at me!…..


“We have searched for hours can we just go home ”

“What are you looking for ?” asked my sister .

“A gold viola i told you that when we where in the car”

“ok when did you lose it ” she said

“Anna lost it last week and asked me to find it ” i said .

“What ever i’m leaving ”

“no “i whimpered” please i need you  ”

Hey is this what your looking for my sister said as pulled an ancient book out of the ground.

No i’m looking for a viola not a  book just go we’re never going to find it

Ok get in the car. COMING


“She sleeps so peacefully.”

My parents said right before they ran out the door into the DARKNESS. They left me and my

sisters behind I didn’t know why but that’s when I knew I should run. I leaped out of bed and ran after them, it

was to dark to see anything. But there was no going back now, BOOM I fell into a big hole. I SCREAMED out to my

parents in  HORROR then, I heard my mothers impeccable voice. I needed them to come save me. I couldn’t hear

dads voice ,then I heard mum scream as if she was being ATTACKED . But by who?…