streak of 10

I was late to school. mum left i had to use good old fashion walking ,after one hour of walking i got there

,there were teachers at the door. I couldn’t lose my streak of 10 ofst not being late if the teachers see me its game

over The toilet window was the only way in. I jumped and grabbed the window .I climbed in the ground was so far

away 2 little boys walked in i’m trying to hold on he shouted they didn’t see me it was at that moment i new i was

in the boys toilets . And somehow the teachers still new i was late

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  1. Janet Team 100WC

    I love the subject of your story Macy, it is really original. And I like the surprise at the end of it when you discover you are in the boys’ toilets! I like the range of vocabulary you use. In particular when you used the word ‘grabbed’ and when you talk about ‘good, old fashioned walking’.

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