Month: February 2020

different world

i scream as a pink giraffe comes running straight at me it almost hit me but ,it ran straight through me and that’s

not the

weirdest  bit i wasn’t at my house any more  suddenly a storm of dust came charging at me i felt so dusty it was in my

eye it was so painful i started to hear thing, thing that weren’t there people sang in the wind i didn’t know what was

really anymore was this a dream it was like i was in the past everything looked old and broken my head was

spinning and  my hart was racing  and then.

valentine day

it was the 14th of february love was in the air ,i woke up with a knock on my window flowers all around my room

chocolates on my bed and teddy bears on my floor. I had no idea how they got in my room suddenly my mum

walked into my room.” Happy valentine day looks like you have some special someone’s” i had no idea who they


from. But they weren’t just from one person one  guys that was knocking on my window had flowers. As it

flew towards us i couldn’t see what it was then it hit my window it was flowers it made me feel special. 

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