Month: November 2019

how do i save them ?

it was my first night in our new in a new town it was a strange town there was always missing kids i don’t know why

my dad wanted to move to this town my mum and little sister are the only one s that think it is creepy i went to bed

but i couldn’t sleep to many thoughts running around my head elephant purple happy painted violin then i saw it

the monster that was killing the kids i needed to tell my mum but by the time it did it was to late she was like dad

acted like nothing was there.

give me vegemite please

no,” she said,” i like vegemite”. so give it back i or else i will tell the teacher izzy and jess just laughed and keeped on tounging my recess which was vegemite they smashed it on the ground and ran as the glase flyed very izzy and jess were my friends and then it ended they got to go home because there mum ans dad are rich and pay te school to let them leave it is so unfair i wish i was rich like them then i could have all the vegemite i could ever want that would be the life i want vegemite please

stranger danger

knock knock a strange man said as he walked around my house 10 minutes later he left and so did but i had to make sure that the cost is clear i left to go to izzy’s house she was my queen bee friend she acted like she rule the school  i stayed t izzy’s house for around half an hour when i went back home there was a hat i looked around but i couldn’t find him but why is this hat on my table knock knock he came out do you think i’m dumb he said yes yes i do your not meant to answer that leave.