Month: October 2019

she almost died

no come back you yelled as your brown balloon floated high into the sky and popped and flue away your had never been

this mad you kicked the rock that rolled over to you .you dramadicle ran down the road which was long and

straight so i had me eye on you all the time you fell and rolled down the long hill i ran down to you as a car

speeded up the hill and almost ran you over that was frightening my hart finally stopped racing and we

walked home to tell our mum what had just happened

ring not losted

ahh i yell as i tripped as i’m walking on my parth home my diamond ring shings in my eye i trip and fell as fast as a

cheetah running in the wind again i look down at the dirt me hands were black and my ring was gorn i looked up

then i walked home i told my mother it was her ring that she she said i could have it but where did it go she yell im

so sorry i ran into my room and there it was how did it get there i losted it i found it

new school

it was the last day at my school and dad and i had just put all of our moving boxes in the truck 16 hours later we

were in new york we went to our new house which was in a nice little neighborhood and a playground for the kids

on my first day of school i got all my book when i was walking home with my books in my bag i felt like i was going

to fall flat on my back it was heavier than i expected it was as heavy as a truck the books here are big and heavy not light at all

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