Month: September 2019

long twisty hill

bang! i hear as i’m riding down the long twisty hill on my yellow bicycle which my mum finally let me do but she

warned me about . she said that i when she was a little girl she was ridding down the long twisty hill and then she

fill off her bike and rolled down the hill she could not stop when she was desperate to get home but did not know

were she was  came home her mother was so scared she needed food and water there was a shop down the road

and greedily she stole for life


still hope

as i’m running though the forest all i see is people is people down on the ground hurt then everything stopped

and all i could hear is my hart beating, the gun shots firing, fire burning i run in hope that i can escape from the evil

that’s what they call him he hurts little girls and boys mums and dads i need to fine help i need to go i’m the only one left should i let him get me should i run there’s still hope i can save them i get on the ground  please wake up

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strange stuff

like a baby begging her hands and knees she said can we please go out for dinner

no stop begging me and make you self useful  get me the  avocado

mum is this avocado meant to be purple ,said the girl mum when silent for a minute yes it is a new brand give it to me .

get the lemon , as i reach into the fridge I grab  the lemon and hand it to mum she told me to go

10 minutes later

dinner time she puts me food down there’s bones it looks like something a seahorse or elephant made

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