Month: February 2019

M.R Snuggles

la la la I said a i was skipping down the street dancing in the calm wind beside my mum. It was her day off work and we thought it would be nice to go shopping. My mum said that i had to hold her hand because there was lot’s of people around and i could get lost.I didn’t want to lose my teddy his name is M.r snuggles swoosh a big gust of wind came and knocked M.r snuggles right out of my hand look can we go in yes said mum 10 minutes later ahh wear M.r Snuggles no.

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The terrible cords

beep beep my alarm went as it was waking me up it was Tuesday yes the best day of the week  I have singing at 5:00 and piano at 5:30 I’m writing my first song with the help of my singing teacher Lilly she plays a big part in it. Lilly wights the cords

what happened the cords it was completely out of tune. It was like the notes had been mixed up we have to fix it this is terrible what well we do tick toke tick toke tick toke its 5:30 what am i going to do i have piano now.