death war

Run run! my mother screamed ,that was her last words and the start of the death war. Every year everyone is forced to stand as a

blocked wall for the most important people in our town, thousands of people die every year but this year was different there was a

girl there, being pushed and shoved into the crowed of cry baby and mother fighting for there children. Exhausted and breathing

hard she simply raised her fist SILENTS WE ARE ALL INPORTENT  she said as she started to tell people to go home push though

the men and stay safe.

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At the end of the dark gloomy street there was a little house cover top to bottom in weeds and dirt. Not one person knows who lives

there .I would walk down to the house at night and try to see if there was someone inside. Until one night I felt like I was being pulled

into the house

but i had to see what was inside

“I  walked in  only to see an house full of books .Then the pulling continued though

the house until i could fight it. The house didn’t feel safe, something was off besides the fact that it was probably very haunted or …

halloween part 1

October 31th halloween our town takes halloween really seriously i live on the scariest street, There was one particular house on the

very end of the street .It was old and grey no one lived there but every one in the town knew it was haunted  .I was walking at 12:00

at night there was a man stuck in some hay. Right in front of the haunted house I had to help as I walked up to the man I was

grabbed. And taken in to the house it was to dark to see anything my mouth was tapped , i’m dead.


Once there was a land full of M&M but that’s not what this story is about , it is about a green M&M  and a red M&M

” Hi im macy” [the green M&M]

” and i am jess” [the red M&M]

today we are going on an amazing hunt to find the last living yellow M&M.We started off in the gorgeous green trees of Australia next

we were jumping like a kangaroo over big rocks in the out back we were hoping to see him there but it turns out he is still so far away we kept going until night.


The water was flat and smooth there was one thin sheet of ice and snow sitting on top. With a polar bear yelling for help standing still

on the cold ice around 20 minutes. Had past a giant ship came crashing in.

“Can you take me back to land”

asked the polar bear the man on the ship refused to take him back. Then sailed away never to be seen again

wait that’s not right after 20 minutes waiting in the cold the man came with a smaller boat to take him back he jumped onto the boat

and back to land.


Water rushing in it was getting hard to breath i was frozen . Two months later I had my first breath of air after two months of no air I

didn’t know how  I was alive. But were I was standing was not were I was dumped I wasn’t standing on the side of a lake I was in a

strange room full of bit of rubber dont get me wrong I was excited to be out .But now I was trapped in this room with no door I they

could have put me in a better room the wall paper was striped into peices HELP.


It was cold and rain my umbrella got stolen this was not going to be a good day where i lived the only planes that we had

were cactus they were yellow and smelly. I wish I could get  out of this town go to a town that zebras and dogs and maybe not cat

ouch i said as i tripped over a rock. I was almost at school i had almost no home my house is about to get smashed in three two one

boom done. Hi im macy and i’m from the future it may seem crazy but it is true yeah wow.

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”hello anyone home ”

i said to an empty house or so i thought. As I walked inside I saw a bright pink room which was normally lock behind a stone door .I

slowly walked to the room there was a bed , play house and an rocking chair with an old annabell doll sitting on it , that was the only

thing I remember from that room that doll and chair haunted my dreams as a kid I closed the door before my parents got home

they would kill if they saw that door open .but then when i looked behind me the door creaked open.

It started.


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” Hi my name is Macy i have been stuck in a ghost town for 5 year now”

“I have learnt a lot like not to get mad.  I may have pushed one or two cars into the lake or 50 anyway not the point ”

“I have been trying to get out, i’m starting running out of food the shop aren’t getting there stock.

“that what happens when there’s no stuff.”

“There is not was out it is block with really high walls P.S i still haven’t got the cars out yet”

“They say there are ghost around here you should go now .”


I needed blood . The three man found me, I started to turn I ran faster then a car to a  crowed people. The only thing i could think

about was seeking my sharp teeth into there warm neck .But  I couldn’t this wasnt who i was i was one of them i was human now i’m

not, then the crowed erupted with laughter as my ears started ringing my head started aching i started shaking. Then I feel to the

ground I woke up in a , unknown place i was locked in a box can you guess what i am?